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Choosing the Best for Your Child
For most Jewish families in Toronto a Jewish day school is the best way to integrate a child's learning of general curriculum with the teachings of Judaism. This integration provides children with an outstanding quality education while giving them the tools to continue lifelong Jewish learning. Students graduate the programs with the academic skills necessary to pursue their career goals with a solid Jewish foundation allowing them to make good choices.
A Dedication to Academic Excellence
Jewish day schools in Toronto consistently produce students of high academic caliber. The best private day schools incorporate learning methods that nurture different individual learning styles. Critical thinking and problem solving skills are encouraged from an early age. Students are able to thrive academically in a warm and welcoming conservative Jewish environment.
The newest technologies are used to provide an interactive and stimulating experience for students. The school becomes a community where the different contributing members are able to help others when they need it. This family oriented learning environment promotes a deeper understanding of the curriculum and provides the children with important academic skills that will serve them a lifetime. These skills include interacting with others, effective communication and understanding new technologies.
Strengthening Jewish Foundations
For many Jewish families, providing a strong Jewish foundation for their children is one of the most important gifts to be bestowed on a child. Jewish day schools in Toronto incorporate the teachings and fundamentals of Judaism into the general curriculum to create an overall positive learning experience for students.
The best day schools present the traditions, prayers and testaments of Judaism in a manner that encourages discussion and critical thinking for students. This leads to a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Jew and a synthesis of Jewish traditions and each student's personal values.
Social responsibility is encouraged through the use of class projects and charity work. Students are taught the values of being socially responsible and being a positive influence on others. The art of Menschlichkeit is reinforced to students. Students are shown the spiritual value of maintaining a love and connection to the state of Israel in a manner that creates a lifelong dedication to continued Jewish learning.
Comprehensive arts programs are available to allow children to explore their own creativity and the "Big ideas” of Judaism. These programs are designed to help students find their relationship to the world around them and provide a creative outlet.
Healthy Lifestyles
It is important that your child receive the best education possible and a solid Jewish foundation. Physical activity is also an important element that helps children be happy and healthy contributors to society. The best Jewish day schools implement regular physical activities for students and also provide access to intramural sports as well. This results in students that are physically fit and mentally stimulated. State-of-the-art facilities are usually available for these activities as well as the arts programs.
Give your child the tools for academic excellence and lifelong Jewish learning by enrolling in a Jewish day school in Toronto today.
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Bathurst Campus Location:
1700 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5P 3K3
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